Updating Feedmasters queue size max

SnapLogic Documentation has the following snippet:

You can configure this value in the FeedMaster node’s properties file by specifying the limit in bytes:
jcc.broker.disk_limit= 20971520

However the documentation is a little unclear on where this property should be set… are we supposed to:

  • update the node properties through the UI (Manager)?
  • update the c:\opt\snaplogic\etc\global.properties file and add it there?


If Snaplex nodes were configured using the slpropz config file, then all further config changes can be done remotely by updating the Snaplex properties in the Manager. That will initiate automatic rolling restarts for the Snaplex nodes and the config changes are applied.

If the Snaplex nodes were not initially configured using slpropz file (older installation might be done that way), the configuration updates need to be done on the node by updating the $SL_ROOT/etc/global.properties file and restarting the JCC. See Snaplex Settings

jcc.broker.disk_limit controls the maximum amount of disk space used on each FeedMaster node for messages which are queued up or being processed. This defaults to 10GB.

We will update the documentation.