UUID Lookup in Postgresql


I have a requirement to perform lookup between uuid data type columns. Used PostgreSQL - Lookup snap but getting data type mismatch issue. Later replaced with In-Memory Lookup snap, before performing lookup converted uuid column to string using Mapper snap. while validation able to see expected lookup results but when i execute the pipeline In-Memory Lookup snap failed.

Pipeline sample:


Conversion used in both mapper snaps:


Error occured for In-Memory Lookup snap :

Can anyone suggest us how to resolve this issue or Is there is any other way to perform lookup between uuid data type columns

This was a known issue with java.util.UUID types and the In-Memory Lookup Snap in the 4.11 release that has been patched. Subscribing to the latest transform Snap Pack release should fix the issue you are seeing.

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can we convert UUID datatype to other formats and achieve this? If possible can you suggest which data type conversion is suited for this requirement.

Here is a workaround using the Mapper Snap to convert the java.util.UUID objects to strings. Make sure to select “Pass through” so that non-transformed input fields are also included in the mapper output document.