Write Files to Local Drive

@jskrable: I’m fairly new to snapLogic and wanting to export the files directly to my local system (i.e. C drive), how can I accomplish this?
Sharing some snaps below for everyone’s reference:


Am I doing something wrong?
CC: @bojanvelevski @dmiller @vineesha

Writing files to a local drive requires a Groundplex.

I’ll have to check with Dev on that error message.

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@darshthakkar how big is the file you are reading? That error suggests the XLSX object wasn’t created successfully

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I was running the pipeline on groundplex itself. Thank you for forwarding the error message to Dev, would wait for their insights.

The file is a simple excel file of 11.3kb

@darshthakkar If you wish to use your “C” drive then groudplex has to be installed in your local. You can try SLDB as a work around.

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Thanks @Supratim, not sure of SLDB, I will refer the documentation for more details but thank you for providing me the right direction.

@darshthakkar SLDB is snaplogic database (not relational) where you can upload your file from Manager or from File Reader/Writer snap.

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Writing files to local can be achieved via SFTP if it has been setup in an organization. I was able to write files through the same. Learnt about the importance of account under file writer snap.
Whereas, writing files to local without sftp is not possible as groundplex needs to be installed in your local as stated by @Supratim

Thank you everyone on this thread for your help and support. Signing off on this thread!

Hi @dmiller,

Wanted to politely follow up on this one. Did you get a chance to communicate with dev team on the error message? No rush on this one though but putting a comment for you so that we don’t forget it.
Thanking you in advance for your help and support.


@robin in this thread is head of Snap Development

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Oops, my bad! I didn’t know that. Thanks @dmiller for the information.
@robin if you get a chance, can you please walk me through the solution of the error message we saw in one of the screenshots posted earlier? The error message was seen in Excel Formatter (just for your reference)

Moreover, there is no rush on this, I changed my development approach and the use case has been accomplished too but I’m curios to know the details on the error I received and potential steps to resolve it in the future by myself.