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SnapLogic Data Science Resources

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This category is for all things related to SnapLogic Data Science and it’s machine learning capabilities.

If you are participating in the SnapLogic Free Trial, see the SnapLogic Trial category.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Machine Learning Showcase

In the Machine Learning Showcase, you will find various machine learning applications that were developed and deployed entirely in SnapLogic Data Science, an extension of SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform.

Product Documentation

Documentation of the Snap Pack can be found at SnapLogic Data Science (Machine Learning)

SnapLogic Website

Information about the Machine Learning Snap Packs can also be found on our website:

Pipeline Patterns

If you are in the SnapLogic Free Trial, you will find a set of Patterns under the Patterns tab in the SnapLogic Designer. Patterns are pre-built, reusable integration pipelines that can be configured through a step-by-step wizard. These patterns match the use cases described in the documentation and Machine Learning Showcase.

Non-trial users can download the same pipelines from the documentation.


Diane Miller
Community Manager