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SSO for multiple Orgs

New Contributor II

We’ve got SSO via SAML / Azure AD setup for all of our orgs but we can only successfully login via SSO for one of the Orgs (lets call it ‘org c’). In Azure we’ve setup 3 separate apps , one for each of those orgs (with different entity/reply/logout urls).

I can see from previous posts that we must use the same metadata file for all orgs so i’m using the metadata file from/for ‘org c’ on ‘org a’ and also ‘org b’. Whilst i can login via sso successfully on ‘org c’ i get an error stating ’ SAML Response Invalid’ when attempting to login to ‘org a’ and ‘org b’.

Have you got multiple orgs? If so, did you experience the same issue ? How did you set it up on the Azure side?