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How to create ORG in snaplogic?

I want to create a new org for my company which are DEV,QA,UAT and prod. what are access are required for to create ORG? how to create ORG? Thanks & Regards Suresh

smaturi by New Contributor
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Snaplogic Installation - On Premises

Hi, I am trying to install Snaplogic on my local PC for which I was following this video shared by Snaplogic youtube channel . In the 2nd step where it says to download Snaplex, I am unable to find a downlo...

abhinavjha by New Contributor II
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SnapLogic Integrating AWS

Besides going into my console every morning and updating my aws sso configuration and then taking those, 8-hour window credentials and updating a binary account for s3 dynamic accounts in snaplogic; what are my altenative methods of maintaining a wor...

ryan by New Contributor
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Groundplex network rules and security

Hello SnapLogic Community, My institution is a new customer and we are planning for a groundplex install. I am interested to know if other groundplex customers allow incoming transactions from cloud partners directed to on-site databases and ERP sys...

geliason by New Contributor
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Kubernetes for snaplogic - custom metrics not working

Hi i have been following the tutorial from the Snaplogic documentation about deploying Groundplex in Kubernetes. When i deploy the prometheu...

Snaplogic project metadata property question

Hello, I’d like to know what the intended purpose of the metadata property on Snaplogic project spaces and projects. I’ve working on a process to assign permissions to projects programmatically (I found a really useful example in the Community forum ...

dcyr by New Contributor
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