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XSLT and Soap Execute

I have constructed the complete Soap message using XSLT snap and now want to pass that in Soap Execute. Output view of XSLT Snap is Binary and input view of Soap Execute is document. How can I do this binary to document translation. It seems Normal b...

Writing a data under a specific column header

Good day, Is there any way available that allows the data to be written under a specific column header of our choice? To put preciosuly, we have data already present under the headers say Col1, Col2, and Col3 and I need to insert the data under Col4 ...

Harsha3 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Remove the character "\n" and empty spaces from string

i trying to remove the “\n” character along with empty spaces from string thru mapper expression, but it’s not working. input value JsonStr := [\n “AC”\n] expected output := [“AC”]input value JsonStr := [\n “AC”,\n “BD”,\n “DE” \n] expected output ...

nchrk by New Contributor II
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Basic string transformations not working

Hi Team, I observed that basic string transformations are not working, few of the scenarios have been listed below: Trimming spaces from the textChanging the text from uppercase to lowercase and vice-versa I have used both the mapper and conditional ...

Resolved! How to create multi rows dynamically?

we have a snap to get a count from the previous snap, then once we got the count(there’s only one output), for example, if we got 10, we will need to create 10 outputs in the next mapper, how can we do that? Is there any formula we can use?

sdeng by New Contributor II
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