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Configuration of OpenFT to SnapLogic System

New Contributor

How to connect OpenFT to the SnapLogic system. What are the details that are required and how they are configured…?



Hi @Manzoor

You can have a look at docs :

also when it comes to what details are required to create the account, you need to know what kind of account you are going to create.

Let’s say if you choose basic auth, then you just need to put the file directory path in file field and provide username and password.

Hope this helps.

OpenFT is a high-performance solution for complex heterogeneous IT organizations. Files are automatically transferred with openFT – with full security thanks to data encryption.
Typical file transfer be upgraded to a managed file transfer that is worthy of being called a secure file transfer – and which also supports the FTAM protocol.

Follow this link for more details :