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How to obtain the error reason,resolution,original by the runtime ID of the pipeline

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I need to send all the failures related data(reason,resolution,stacktrace…) for tracking purpose to other system. The job needs to run daily and push the error related data to other systems.But I don’t want to use error view or error pipeline. I will be able to get the ruuid of the failed pipelines through monitoring API and also some data related to pipeline, But I’m not able to see the reason,resolution,original,stacktrace data. Anyone please help me

Thanks in Advance


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@tstack , @del, @dmiller Can you help me in answering this?

Former Employee

You can use the public API for getting an individual runtime document to get some more information. By passing the level=detail query parameter, the snap_map property will be included in the response and you can scan through that to get the error details for each snap.<organization>/<ruuid>?level=detail

Is that what you’re after?


Thank you so much for your reply. I have used public API. I’m able to see lot of information using public API mentioned.But, I was not able to get the reason, resolution, Stacktrace of failed instance.

Can anyone provide any other API by which we will able to read reason, resolution, Stacktrace of failed instance with the help of RUUID?