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How to use private key file under the "Key Store" option of "JWT account"

New Contributor II

Hi Snaplogic team-

We would like to use the snap “JWT Generate” for one of our pipelines.

While creating “JWT account” (that will be used in the snap “JWT Generate”), we ran into an issue.

Under “JWT account” options, there is a field called “Key Store”. Our vendor has provided us the private key file. When we point the “Key store” to the private key file, we are getting the following error:

Failed to validate account: I/O error occurred while trying to read oauthapp_intellum_private_key.txt Cause: toDerInputStream rejects tag type 45 (Reason: toDerInputStream rejects tag type 45; Resolution: Please ensure the file oauthapp_intellum_private_key.txt exists and is readable)

Refer the screenshot for more information. Could you please let us know how we could resolve this error?

JWT account -error2




You can’t directly provide the private key file here. You will have to create a new keystore, add your private key into that keystore, and then use that keystore. While storing the private key, you will have to provide an alias to recognize it. That alias has to be given in the account.

See if this link helps you on getting this done: Import a private key into a Java Key Store

Thank you very much.