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Mapper target schemas went missing "No schema available."

Contributor II

I built a pipeline with a Mapper, and a SoapExecute. The mapper had a target schema upon validation, but now the schema is blank which also results in null values in the resulting soap. I have tried moving the snaps around, adding a copy, removing it, trying a different snap (workday write) but none of this is bringing back my target schema. I have noticed that this target schema return is inconsistent and when it goes away, it goes away for a while then comes back.

What is it that generates this ?
Are there any settings or actions to take/troubleshoot this?
Could this be a caching issue, and if so, how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any responses


Contributor II

I created a new SoapExecute Snap, replaced all of the settings and my schema came back. Still… would like to know how to avoid this in the future. Any advice, much appreciated!


Hello acesario and welcome to the SnapLogic community! The target schema is available after validating the pipeline as long as the upstream Mapper snap has its output linked to the input of your SOAP Execute snap and we are able to connect to the SOAP endpoint to fetch the schema. Changes to the pipeline will cause the schema be released, and validation should return the schema.

If you are experiencing inconsistent behavior, please double-check the basics like running the latest Firefox or Chrome builds, cleaning browser, cache, then contact our Support team if you’re still observing the behavior.