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Merge documents into one big document



Currently when I use Oracle select/Oracle execute snaps to query data from Snaplogic, it will return multiple documents as output from those snaps(one row per doc).

Is there a way i can merge them together into one json array or one doc?



Former Employee

Did you look into Group By N with a setting of 0!! Try it and let us know.

No, groupby N has limitation when using Ultra task.
So for us we are trying to build high performance API with Ultra task. GroupbyN can achieve the goal but as it can only work in Triggered/Schedule tasks.

Try moving that group by N to a child pipeline and see how it works for Ultra.

Most of the snaps (group by, group By N, aggregate snaps) work in child pipelines in Ultra mode as long as you return one document to the top level parent pipeline.

Thats a workaround we have tried, but API performance is not as good as what we expected.
From Snaplogic professional, it seems doing parent-child pipeline will add some overhead even with Ultra task.