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Netsuite Upsert to Multiple Addresses on Customer Object

New Contributor II

I have a requirement to write to multiple addresses on the customer object. I am looking to write to two different address records within Netsuite.

This is a screenshot of what I’m referring to.

I only see 1 set of address fields on the Customer object in the Upsert snap. How can I accomplish this with the available snaps in the Netsuite pack?


Valued Contributor


If you add an upstream mapper snap in front of NetSuite Upsert, you will notice that the address is a type of Array.


So, if you want to add multiple addresses, you should compose an array of objects where each object will stand for a single address line.

Hope this helps!

Spiro Taleski

New Contributor II

Hello, @SpiroTaleski & @salesopsintegra I have a similar requirement, wherein I have to append the address on top of the existing one, but Snaplogic via NetSuite Update SNAP is overriding it and in NetSuite (Customer) I could only see latest overridden address.

So how can I view both addresses and mark the latest address as Default?

I also checked for NetSuite property override (jsonPath($, "$['soapenv:Body'].getResponse.readResponse.record['listRel:addressbookList']['listRel:addressbook'][*]['listRel:addressbookAddress']['platformCommon:override']"))  it is false


There should be a flag within the address list, called "replaceAll". And while updating, that flag should be set to false. 

New Contributor II

Thanks, @SpiroTaleski for the prompt reply. However, I cannot see any property/flag (replaceAll) within the address list. Below are the details which I see for the address.
So can you please share a screenshot of that property?


  "listRel:addressbookList": {
                  "listRel:addressbook": [
                      "listRel:defaultShipping": "true",
                      "listRel:defaultBilling": "true",
                      "listRel:isResidential": "false",
                      "listRel:label": "3234 Peachtree Road NE",
                      "listRel:addressbookAddress": {
                        "@xmlns:platformCommon": "",
                        "platformCommon:country": "_unitedStates",
                        "platformCommon:addrPhone": " 383-89",
                        "platformCommon:addr1": "3234 Peachtree Road NE",
                        "platformCommon:addr2": "#1000",
                        "platformCommon:city": "Atlanta",
                        "platformCommon:state": "GA",
                        "platformCommon:zip": "3046",
                        "platformCommon:addrText": "3234 Peachtree Road NE<br>#1000<br>Atlanta GA 3046<br>United States",
                        "platformCommon:override": "false"
                      "listRel:internalId": "1"