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SFTP without RSA Private Key

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I need to deliver a file to a sftp server that doesn't require a private key. I'm able to connect to it from terminal with command "sftp -P 22010" then it request a password, I enter it and I'm in. It also works from WinSCP just by setting address, user and password.

The think I can't do the same via Snaplogic. The SSH Account snap Private Key field is required and it won't connect without it.  How can I connect to this SFTP server with Snaplogic? 


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Hello, You can setup a Binary account and then Basic Auth if you just want to provide username and password:

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 16.03.48.pngScreenshot 2023-12-21 at 16.03.23.png


Thanks for the answer, I tried this and I'm getting the following error: 

Failure: Unable to read from s, Reason: Failed to get SFTP session connected, Resolution: Check for URL syntax and file access permission

There is no file or folder in the ftp, so i should just connect to root. 

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When you connect via WinSCP are you behind a firewall?

Is s readily accessible over the internet?