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Updated S3 Snap Pack and Selecting Accounts


I’m playing around with some of the new S3 snaps that were recently released. They are not allowing me to use existing S3 accounts. Do we have to create new S3 accounts for these snaps every time?

For instance, when I open the S3 Upload snap and click on the accounts tab, when I click to add an existing account, nothing shows up, but I know that I have S3 accounts that should be available in my project space and project.


When I click on the add account button and click continue, the dialogue box opens to add a new account.


I’m on the latest snap pack version.



@alex.panganiban.guild - accounts are specific to the snap pack where the snaps using them exist. The File Writer and even S3 File Writer snaps are in the Binary snap pack. The new Amazon S3 snaps have their own snap pack, so the accounts that they use are specific to that snap pack, meaning that you will need to create new accounts to use with the new snaps.

Note that the new Amazon S3 snap pack accounts have more options for added security and performance that can be fully utilized by the S3 snaps that use them, which don’t really make sense to have for the Binary snap pack File Reader/Writer snaps since those support a much broader array of account types.

Thanks for the explanation!