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Output Date Type in Custom Snap

Is there a way to output a SnapLogic “Date” type (as discussed here: as a column in a document being written to a snap’s output view? I would like consum...

Accounts and Snaps

Hi, I have an account tied to a snap pack…basically every snap calls the Account.connect() function to get its access token, and if the token isn’t expired, the Account re-authorizes and get a new one. In fighting threw a bug while implementing thre...

Dynamic snap accounts

Now that there are other packs out there with expression enabled account variables (e.g. the Salesforce snap account), can we do this yet with custom snaps?

Custom Snaps not appearing

Hi, I have built several snap packs and I’m attempting to deploy them via the UI. The Packs deploy successfully and browsing their content through the UI (manager) shows the individual snaps, however, in the designer the Snap category does not appear...