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File Read/Write From/To NFS

Completely new to SnapLogic.  The file system we have set up is NFS, and we are running on a Cloudplex.  How do I read/write files to/from the NFS system using a Cloudplex?

selpatS20 by New Contributor
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Cannot open settings of custom snaps

Hi all, I have a problem with the custom snaps after uploading a snap pack in manager. After building the snap package with Maven, I cannot see the settings tab of any custom snap. The snap is forever loading and not showing the settings tab. I tried...

Emma by New Contributor II
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How to add textarea type input to a custom snap?

Hi, I am building a custom snap where some of the fields need to be a ‘textarea’ type. I’ve been searching through the documentation but didn’t find anything related to this. Is there a way to make the field a text area ? I am looking for something l...

Building the old custom snap

I was not able to build the old custom snap , So I used the latest POM from demosnap and build the custom snap . Now the build ran successfully . But all tests are failing with the same reason . 2018-08-07 15:31:49 ERROR SchemaRegistry:115 a- Unabl...

Harriesh by New Contributor III
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Custom Snap error : Input Schema is null

Hello, Developing a custom snap that is an expression and accepts input schema. This is how I defined my parameters/ functions : @Inputs(min = 1, max = 1, accepts = {ViewType.DOCUMENT}) @Outputs(min = 1, max = 1, offers = {ViewType.DOCUMENT}) @Error...

Can i a create my own custom snap in snaplogic?

Hi , Can i create my own custom snaps in snaplogic? does snap logic support Java to run my logic? if it support and it requires extra packages how can we install? not only java even in python or any another language ? Thanks & Regards Suresh Maturi

smaturi by New Contributor
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Deploying snappacks as myself

So I have been deploying my custom snappacks for a while now using the generated when I created my snaplex. From that, I can see the cc.username and cc.api_key. What I cannot seem to find is information on how to create an API key f...