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Identify table cell for suggesting values

New Contributor

I’m developing a custom snap which essentially makes a custom query to a backend.
I have a table property with columns key and value which encode the query criteria.

The backend provides me with APIs to get values for both possible keys as well as possible values for a specific key.
To provide the SnapLogic experience the user is expecting, I wanted to take advantage of that and implement suggestions for the query criteria.

Enabling suggestions for key is simple.
However for the value, the suggested values depend on the selected key of the same row.
(Say for key the user selected “Status”, then value suggestions should be “Ok”, “Running”, “Failed”).

Is there a way to identify for which row of the table property the suggestions are invoked?
Or is there a way to get the properties of the current row only?
This is so I can look up the value of the corresponding key column.

For all other cases, it is possible to uniquely identify the property for which suggestions are invoked (by different Suggestions implementions for different properties), and by the same means one can also distinguish the different table columns for which suggestions are invoked. But I have not yet found a way to identify the row.

The contents of the key column is dynamic and depends on other values as well, so I cannot hard-code them.
It’s also not possible to look for values which are empty, as other value entries could be empty as well.