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MVP Hall of Famers

The MVP Hall of Famer designation is given to former MVP members. While these members no longer meet the criteria of an MVP tier, we recognize their previous contributions and still consider them a valuable asset to our Community. SnapLogic MVPs ...

Table formatting samples

Basic Markdown Table Cell MVP Name: Ajay KidaveRole: Chief ArchitectCompany: SnapLogicSkills: Data integration, cloud data warehouse, Amazon Redshift, NetSuiteSocial: Medium, Github, LinkedIn HTML ![image|393x393]...

dmiller by Admin
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Create Box folders for Salesforce accounts

Created by @skatpally For an account created in Salesforce, SnapLogic creates a folder in Box with the Salesforce account name as the folder name, if it doesn’t already exist. SnapLogic creates a shared link to the Box folder. Configuration Source...

Convert data into various file formats and write to HDFS

Created by @pkona This pipeline pattern has a total of two pipelines: Setup and HDFS RW (Standard), which contains the datasets and writes to HDFS Hadoop file formats (Standard) that converts the CSV dataset into file formats that are commonly used...

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Workday to Oracle EBS Employees

Created by @ckonduru When there is a new or updated object in Workday, execute operation in Oracle E-business Suite Screenshot of pipeline Configuration Sources: Workday Targets: Oracle EBS Snaps used: JSON Generator, XML Parser, JSON Formatter, JS...

Scenario Detection Stage

Submitted by @stodoroska from Interworks Based on the source data, we are creating action flags that later will be used in the Action stage pipeline. Screenshot of pipeline Configuration Because we are working with a large scale of data, the target...