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Unstable snaplogic to sftp server connections

Hi Team, We had been observing in our multiple projects that snaplogic suddenly fails to connect to any sftp server to read file and start throwing error “Unable to create filesystem object for sftp” may be for hour or two and then again start workin...

Add License for a user in AzureActiveDirectory

Hi Team, I am working on requirement which has Azure Active directory snap. The requirement is after creating the account, we need to assign License to the user in Azure Active directory. Can any one please let me know how can we achieve this require...

Sandhya by New Contributor
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How to Read Message in Teams

Hi Team, As per the documentation ,The Microsoft Teams Snap Pack enables you to perform the following operations in your Microsoft Teams instance: Create teams and channels. Manage team and channel operations. Send messages in channels. Is there anyw...

Salesforce Bulk update snap is not updating nulls back

I am using Salesforce Bulkupdate snap. I have a field x where the initial value is 10 and in source input for same field I have value as null. When I try to update via Salesforce Bulk update snap- the snap is not handling null and not updating the or...

Prasa by New Contributor II
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Difference between HTTP Client and Rest Api(get,post....) snaps

Hi All, I am exploring the HTTP Client snap, I wanted to know what is difference between HTTP Client and Rest API methods (get,post…) snaps. Can any one please help to know about the below highlighted Entity Type in the snip. and also can we get th...

Pretty by New Contributor III
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Read .txt file with HTML code for email body to send an email

Hello, I am trying to configure an email sender snap which has reads the HTML code for the body of the email downstream. Currently, the HTML is in a .txt file in the groundplex, therefore I am using file reader to pick up the file but I do not know h...

NickE by New Contributor II
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