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Salesforce Bulk update snap is not updating nulls back

New Contributor II

I am using Salesforce Bulkupdate snap. I have a field x where the initial value is 10 and in source input for same field I have value as null. When I try to update via Salesforce Bulk update snap- the snap is not handling null and not updating the original value 10 to null (empty) .

I tried with Salesforce update snap with “Null Setting with Bulk API” checkbox enabled, and I see the value is getting updated from original value 10 to null (empty)

Is there any setting or solution in Salesforce Bulk update snap to handle null?

Note:- We are using Class FQID

com-snaplogic-snaps-salesforce-bulkupdate_1-432patches20393 where The Display null or empty values as null checkbox is present.
With or without checkbox, nulls are not handling in Bulk update snap.

Please suggest



Hi Prasa, this seems to be a bug, we may resolve it soon.

Hi muskaan,

We are in mid of UAT and discovered this issue, Currently, we are blocked in using “Salesforce Bulk update” and as a fallback we may use “Salesforce update” to move forward.
Really appreciate, if we have tentative timelines in addressing the issue.