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Logan Data: Replacing Legacy Graduate Admissions System at Boston University

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What were the underlying reasons or business implications for the need to innovate and transform the business?

The existing Application uses Java technology.

Following are the major challenges faced by customer management while using legacy system

  • Managing IT Infrastructure, Software and application is tedious
  • Performance is a Major Concern
  • Lot of Manual efforts
  • Large Volume of data - collecting, creating, and managing student report, which includes structured as well as unstructured data.

Which customer did you implement this on?

Boston University, MA

Describe your strategy and execution to solve the business challenge.

Application Name - Graduate Admissions Student Record Export

Type of Project - Migration from Java to SnapLogic

Description - Liaison International UniCAS and National CAS applications are used for graduate admissions. Applicants can attach various files to their application and other files are automatically generated by Liaison (e.g. a pdf of the application). This SnapLogic integration will synchronize the files associated with the graduate applications from Liaison system to OnBase system.

Following strategy to solve the business challenges

  • Decommission Legacy Java application and replace with Snaplogic Integration
  • Upgrade the application and features as per customer business
  • Automate the manual process
  • Load large volume of data by using SnapLogic Rest APIs, S3, File and Zip snaps extracting and transform and upload into target system
  • Upserting data from configuration file to Database by using Diff Snap
  • Parallel process and increasing performance
  • Customers receive email notification about holistic view of integration status of data load from source to target.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution?

Logan Data Inc team built out solution. Understanding legacy application and re architect, implement to SnapLogic Integration

What were the business results after executing the strategy?

No Manual Emails, phone calls and ticket creation after implementing the SnapLogic integration.

What was the ROI the customer gained from executing the strategy?


  • Increasing 40% performance improved
  • Reduce Application execution time interval from 3 hours to 1 hour 20 minutes
  • 60% reduced manual inefficiencies

Anything else you would like to add?

We are so happy to share with you, Legacy application was implemented and taking 6 months duration time. But after migration by using SnapLogic IPASS tool, implementation time only 30 days with additional features.
Thank you much and appreciated to SnapLogic Core team !!!

Diane Miller
Community Manager