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NAIT: Ensuring Data Quality and Ease of Use for Career Matching System

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2022 Data Innovation Award Nomination

What were the underlying reasons for the need of data?

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) wanted to make using Symplicity CSM (a career matching system) easier for students and alumni to use. Student Self-service profile creation and maintenance in CSM was time consuming and prone to error (It was easy for students to typo profile info, forget to update, or to select the wrong major since there are subtle nuances in how program/course history maps to majors in CSM).

Describe your data strategy and how you executed the strategy.

NAIT wanted to pull student data and alumni data from PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. They determined this would be a good integration use case for SnapLogic. To do this, 20 different inter-related pipelines were built to map and transfer the data between the systems. Because Symplicity CSM has many multi-value look up fields, this required restructuring of JSON documents and the build out of a mapping file of all courses.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution?

NAIT resourced the project internally. Cindy Bustamante from Transition Services first recognized the need for this sort of integration. She also administers Symplicity CSM and provided invaluable support through all phases of the project. Michael Gutierrez from the Student Progression and Registrar group offered his expertise in the Campus Solutions system to assist in constructing the data extraction queries for Campus Solutions, and Russell Bain built and tested the integration.

What were the business results after achieving this data strategy?

While this program was only launched a few weeks ago, there has already been some adoption of the new process. Email for job opportunities are going out and the process is running smoothly.

Anything else you would like to add?

SnapLogic has provided an excellent platform to support the development, testing, implementation, and monitoring of this solution. I’m excited to get going on my next integration project in SnapLogic!

Diane Miller
Community Manager