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Skidmore College: Rebuilding Identity Management System with Oracle HCM Cloud

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2022 Business Impact Award Nomination

Describe your business and technical use case(s) and the challenges the business had.

Skidmore was migrating from Oracle Ebiz on-premise to Oracle HCM cloud at the same time changing our Identity Mgmt system to Okta. All of this occurirng during the pandemic, with staff fully remote and in some cases furloughed. We needed to rebuild our entire Identity Mgmt system from the ground up with the new Oracle HCM system and Okta. Snaplogic became the integration hub for all of this work. In less than a year, we rebuilt our IDM system to work with the new Oracle HCM, Ellucian Banner, Okta and Active Directory. Allowing both employees and students to on board quickly access to all of the applications they needed across the organization

Describe your strategy and execution to solve the business challenge.

We created a database middle layer to store all the IDM information required for all users and built out pipelines within Snaplogic to handle near real time processing of user on and off boarding across the organization.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution?

We had 5-6 staff members working on this solution from start to finish.

What were the business results after executing the strategy?

Skidmore was able to remove the reliance on a 3rd party black box IDM platform and bring it in house. We also rolled out new features to allow users to pick from a list of potential usernames/emails including the use of “preferred first initial”.

What was the ROI you gained from executing the strategy?

Full transparency into user provisioning. Cut 3rd party IDM system which was about 50k per year

Skidmore_Snaplogic.pptx (1.0 MB)

Diane Miller
Community Manager