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SnapLogic August 2021 Release


August 2021 Release Update

The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform August 2021 has been released to production.

Major Release Highlights


  • Zero Downtime during quarterly release updates.
  • Snaplex-based Scheduler will be the default scheduling mechanism for all Scheduled Tasks after the auto-upgrade on September 18.
  • Ability to encrypt SnapLogic user emails.

API Management:

  • Ability to manage the lifecycle of APIs.
  • Redesigned API Catalog and API documentation for the Developer Portal.
  • Support for creating APIs from existing SnapLogic Assets.

New Snaps:

  • Shopify Snap Pack.
  • Tableau Snaps—Hyper Formatter, Hyper Parser, and Hyper Write.
  • Zuora Snaps—Zuora OpenAPI and Zuora REST Read.

ELT for Cloud Data Platforms:

  • Support for Databricks Lakehouse Platform as a target database.
  • Ability to run multiple SQL queries using ELT Execute Snap.

New! Introducing SnapLogic Flows

More details on the above features can be found in the 4.26 Release Notes

The following is August 2021, 4.26 release schedule:
|Friday, July 30, 11:00 AM PT|Release to UAT|
|Tuesday, Aug 3, 9:00 AM PT|UAT Webinar
|Friday, Aug 6, 11:00 AM PT|UAT Update|
|Saturday, Aug 14, 9:00 PM PT|August 2021 release to production
(No planned downtime)|
|Saturday, Sept 18, 9:00 PM PT|Update of remaining Snaplexes to August 2021 release|

You can join the release conversations in the SnapLogic Community and reach out with release questions at

Thank you!

SnapLogic Product Team