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Snaplogic Metadata

Is it possible to access the values on the Dashboard / Pipeline tab via the Snaplogic snaps. for instance i want to access the values in the Documents column

Pipeline failed for the data type

Hi, My pipeline failed due to the different data type between staging table and target table. Here is how my pipeline work: I loaded the data from csv files into staging table, then I tried to find if the field calls “code” from staging table match t...

Resolved! JMS Consumer vs AWS SQS Consumer

In JMS Consumer , we have a setting named “Message Acknowledge Mode*” which we set it as ClientACknowledge or dupsAcknowledge Comparing it with AWS SQS Snap , it does not have any acknowledge mode. In our prod environment, we have JMS consumer where ...

viji28 by New Contributor
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Salesforce Snap Pack: SnapLogic to SalesForce OAUTH problem

Hello All, I am trying to connect SL to sales for using OAUTH . I have followed . But when ...

sayeef by New Contributor
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My Filter Expression for Dates is not working

Hello All, I have a date field in input and I’m trying to apply a filter I want to filter only for the date type field: ZCC04 Proc. Date where it is before today’s date minus 11 days. I’ve tried both expressions but nothing is being outputted. Date.p...

Shawnaby by New Contributor
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Connectivity to add Snowflake account (on azure) from Snaplogic

Hi All, I am trying to add Snowflake account (hosted on Azure) from Snaplogic and i had passed all details like Snowflake account name , user id , password , warehouse name , port , but getting error in JDBC driver . . this is the jdbc driver name...

mangeshj by New Contributor
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