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Email Sender Snap - Failed to copy attachment to a temp file

Issue - With an Email Sender snap the attachment contents are not visible when the attachment file is being read from either smb:// or sftp:// location Error Message - Failed to copy attachment to a temp file We know credentials of the account acces...

bmp2019 by New Contributor
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Connecting to Azure SQL Database

I am trying to connect to our Azure database from our Ground Plex using the Snap Azure SQL - Execute. Here is the error I get. I use the same connection from SQL Server Mgt Studio and it works fine. Failed to create a database connection. The TCP/IP ...

Guy by New Contributor
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Reliable, High-Throughput Batching with the Kafka Consumer Snap

In this article just published on Medium, we take a closer look at the (Confluent) Kafka Consumer Snap’s new Output Mode setting, and how it can be used to achieve reliable, high-throughput performance for some common use cases where it’s important t...

ptaylor by Employee
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Resolved! SAP SuccessFactors Snap Pack

Developing an integration for a client and they can no longer setup external API authentication using “Basic Auth” which is the only supported auth for this snap pack (

serknight by New Contributor
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Conection attempt failing when using JDBC

Can’t connect to my JDBC database Error: Failed to validate account: Failed to retrieve a database connection. Cause: The connection attempt failed. (Reason: The connection attempt failed.; Resolution: Address the reported issue.) Configuration: The...

How to get the file name(s) from a Multi File Reader

I have a Multi File Reader reading a series of S3 files using a wildcard, and writing the data to Snowflake. There is a Mapper in between. Functionally, everything is working as expected. I’d like to get the name of the file in which the data was re...

mxpeskir by New Contributor
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"Fail safe upon execution" checkbox in the Type Converter

Hello, I noted checkbox “Fail safe upon execution” in Type Converter. Looks like this was added recently. I cannot find this checkbox in the documentation. Documentation of the Type Converter contain screenshot without this checkbox. Is this new thi...

Vladyslav by New Contributor
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