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Snap Pack usage metrics

Hello, is there pipeline or a public API that helps with gathering data on snap packs used in an org? I have a need to gather the snap pack usage from 10 orgs and it is taking longer than expected to go to each org and get the data from the Snap Stat...

Resolved! Reuse auth token from account in a suggestion property

Hi, I’m developing a custom snap with basic auth ( user/pass ) account. The snap includes several suggestion properties that need to use the access token from the account in order to display relevant values received through an API call. I can connect...

Salesforce Batch Create question. Creating Junction Records?

I’ve been experimenting using the SFDC Batch Create snap to create a record and associated child records in a single transaction, and that works fine, as advertised. What I can’t figure out how to to is to do the following: Insert a record in each of...

Dave by New Contributor
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Snaplogic Metadata

Is it possible to access the values on the Dashboard / Pipeline tab via the Snaplogic snaps. for instance i want to access the values in the Documents column