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Has anyone figure out how to interface with Xactly Connect RESTful APIs?

Contributor III

Here is their developer homepage for reference.


Former Employee

Hi @aleung , it’s not something I’ve accessed before but I’ve asked Xactly to provide me with access to the Swagger Docs linked in their Developer homepage, plus we have reached out to our Field team to see if this is something we’ve encountered before.

The “Xactly Incent Commission Estimator APIs” docs describe what appears to be a standard OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code flow - I’m interested to know if the Connect API uses the same. From that above documentation, it requires going through Xactly support to apply for a client ID and secret. The SnapLogic REST callback URL (as described on one of our previous blog posts) would also need to be provided.

We’ll keep this topic updated when we learn more.

Contributor III

Thanks for your prompt respond. Yes, I have access to their swagger site but it is fairly complicated how it can be used. Here is the 2016 API doc in case you don’t have access to it.