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Is there a generic snap or snap pack to use and connect against different RDBMS systems

New Contributor III

I guess I know the answer is NO but I wanted to verify whether we need to buy a snap pack for every RDBMS system we need to connect against or if there is a general one with can configure for multiple backend types. For example currently we have a snap pack for SQL Server and another one for MySQL. We need to establish a series of PoCs to pull/push data from/to TeraData. There is a dedicated snap pack for TeraData and we are going to evaluate it but the question I am asking is this is the only way to connect to any RDBMS by leveraging the dedicated snap pack for that product or there are other alternatives?


Former Employee

There is a generic JDBC Snap Pack that works with any JDBC compliant databases but the native Snap Packs have vendor specific capabilities built in. For example the Teradata Snap Pack uses the Teradata Parallel Transport (TPT) utility to do high performance bulk operations. Take a look at the doc site ( under Snap Reference and Data Snaps to read about the capabilities built into the Snap Packs.

Former Employee

In addition to the above information, I would like to provide additional information. JDBC Snap Pack can be used as a general means to connect to various databases, but it does come with the following limitations:

  1. It does not provide bulk operations you may require for fast loading or unloading.
  2. Not ideal if you are looking for high performance.
  3. There are limited set of Snaps available for JDBC Snap Pack (Execute, Insert, Select and Update).
  4. You might need more configuration or settings that needs to be done.

We have dedicated Snap Packs for SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata and many other databases. All these Snap Packs have comprehensive functionality coverage that will let users quickly perform various operations on the data (includes bulk operations) and can also address moving large amounts of data. With Teradata we have added TPT functionality and it comes with high performance.