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MARC21 custom snap

Former Employee

MARC21 (MAchine-Readable Cataloging) standards are a set of digital formats for the description of items such as books developed in the 1960s. The latest MARC standard, MARC 21, was created in 1999 and added formats for authority records, holdings records, classification schedules, and community information, in addition to bibliographic.
EachMARC21 record comprises of 3 aspects:

  • the field designations within each record
  • the structure of the record
  • the actual content of the record itself

Then MARCXML was created as an XML schema based on the common MARC21 standards and is parsable by SnapLogic’s XML parser.

This MARC21 custom snap converts MARC21 to MARCXML using open-source java code available on github using the following URL. GitHub - marc4j/marc4j: Git repository initially imported from the Tigris CVS repo as of 2013.01.25
Once the MARC21 data is converted to MARCXML, SnapLogic can then read in the XML using the XML parser just like any other XML input.
Below is a link to download the MARC21 custom snap as well as a sample MARC21 record to illustrate the complexity of the MARC21 data structure.

[MARC21custom snap download link]

[MARC21 sample record]
02672ngm 2200553 a 4500001001300000003000400013005001700017006001200034007001000046007001500056008004100071028002800112040002100140245024600161246001400407260005600421300005700477490005700534505034800591506004600939511003400985520011801019538005401137546002201191600002701213600003901240600003901279600004901318650003001367651004901397651005601446651003501502651002901537655002901566655003101595700002101626700002301647700001801670710002701688710003001715740002601745740003701771740004401808740006001852740005401912740004701966830005802013856004702071mfm00108212 MFM20140731134835.0m go c vz||z|zu|cr||n|—||a|a080716s2003 nyu027 g s vleng d41a16th-001bAaaaaaa Video aAzPhLCLcAzPhLCL00a16th & 17th century turning points in U.S. history ;v1,p1500-1585h[electronic resource] /cproduced by Centre Communications and People Productions for Aaaaaaa Video Publishing written by Mark Reeder and Ron Meyer ; directed by Ron Meyer.32a1500-1585 aNew York, N.Y. :bAaaaaaa Video Publishing,cc2003. aStreaming video file (27 min.) :bdigital, sd., col.1 a16th and 17th century turning points in U.S. history0 a1502: Christopher Columbus (3 min.) – 1513: Ponce de Leon discovers Florida (4 min.) – 1539: Hernando De Soto explores Southern U.S. (6 min.) – 1540: Francisco Vasques de Coronado maps America’s Southwest (5 min.) – 1565: Spanish found first American City: St. Augustine (4 min.) – 1585: Sir Walter Raleigh and the Roanoke Colony (4 min.) aAccess restricted by licensing agreement.0 aNarrated by Alphonse Keasley. aChaptered programs chronicle the decisive events and people in the exploration and early settlement of America. aMode of access: World Wide Web ; Flash streaming. aClosed captioned.10aColumbus, Christopher.10aPonce de Le‚on, Juan,d1460?-1521.10aSoto, Hernando de,dca. 1500-1542.10aV‚azquez de Coronado, Francisco,d1510-1549.