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Parquet Reader for S3

New Contributor

I have an AWS S3 Acccount that uses an Access-key ID and Secret key. I’m able to pull directory information and read a .csv file using the S3 Reader snap with this account. When I try to use the same account for the Parquet Reader, I get an error saying it is an “Invalid account type”.

Failure: Invalid account for snap: S3_SquadShake, Reason: This account type (com-snaplogic-snaps-binary-binarys3account) is not supported by this snap, Resolution: Fix the account expression to refer to a compatible account

Your documentation says that type of account should work for the Parquet Reader to read a parquet file in an S3 bucket.

Any help would be appreciated



From the error message, you were referencing to the AWS S3 account from Binary Snap Pack. If you want to use with Parquet Reader, the account must be the AWS S3 account from Hadoop Snap Pack instead.