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REST : Access Token Grant Type "Password Credentials"

New Contributor III


We’ve a requirement to integrate with a reporting system. To get the ACCESS TOKEN the system supports Grant Type as ‘Password Credentials’ with REST account type is REST OAuth2, Looks like SL only supports Grant Type as ‘Authorization Code’. If anyone has come across such requirement via SL, can you please help us with the workaround implemented.

Thanks & Regards,
Yashu Vyas


New Contributor III

We are also hit with similar limitation. Many of the API (in house) we want to connect are enabled with either Client Credentials or Password grant type, both of which are not supported by SnapLogic. We have a workaorund with dynamic oauth account, but we have to generate token ourself for which we have to store the keys in configuration file or expression library, which is not encrypted like in the case of account.

Not sure what is stopping SnapLogic to provide this enhancement, these are straight forward grant types to accommodate.