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How to Read Message in Teams

Hi Team, As per the documentation ,The Microsoft Teams Snap Pack enables you to perform the following operations in your Microsoft Teams instance: Create teams and channels. Manage team and channel operations. Send messages in channels. Is there anyw...

Resolved! Mapper dynamic content

Hello! I have REST API source from which I ingest data and load it to BigQuery. I am executing this dynamically with parameters as there are multiple endpoints to query. I am using mapper to define the schema before loading, in this case with the pas...

Tuomas by New Contributor II
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Creating users in Active Directory

Here are a couple of screenshots that show how you can connect with an Active Directory instance and create a new user. You will require an Active Directory account that is configured as follows: The second snap that would be required is the Create ...

vish by Former Employee
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Salesforce Bulk update snap is not updating nulls back

I am using Salesforce Bulkupdate snap. I have a field x where the initial value is 10 and in source input for same field I have value as null. When I try to update via Salesforce Bulk update snap- the snap is not handling null and not updating the or...

Prasa by New Contributor II
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SAP HANA to Snowflake - historical data load

Hi, We are evaluating if Snaplogic can also be used to move historical data from SAP Hana to Snowflake without performance challenges. Any recommendations for historical data movements, best practice or snap configuration from SAP Hana to Snowflake. ...

smahla by New Contributor II
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Validate JWT issued by Cognito

We have an application that we have created in AWS that uses Cognito for authn and authz. The application retrieves data with SnapLogic as middleware using triggered tasks. To secure our data we want Snap to validate a JWT issued by Cognito - validat...

JulianH by New Contributor
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Kafka configuration account

Hi, I am trying to configure kafka account in snaplogic but it always keeps getting timeout. I configured it in Postman and also in a rest post snap and that works with a header Authorization and then Basic xxxx. But in the kafka producer snap the ac...

Remove obsolete fields from the mapper snap which uses endpoint

You have a response from an API endpoint that brings a huge number of fields. There are few obsolete fields that you want to remove in the pipeline. What is the best way to handle this in Mapper snap? • Add only the fields to be removed from the Inp...

svedantam by New Contributor
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