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Remote file renaming/moving

Hi, I have a requirement to push a file to SFTP server. But since the file is quite large and to avoid race condition (we writing and remote function reading at the same time) we like to write the file with different extension or to a temp folder in ...

sg_sripathi by New Contributor III
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How to configure Workday REST snap

I configured a Workday REST snap and I made it work with native services such as staffing. But I would like to know how to configure it using a WQL as a service. I can’t see how to pass a wql query. Here’s the config: Service: wql; Version: v1; OpenA...

SQL Server Status

I need the list of possible return codes for the insert, update of this Snap Pack. “If an output view is available, then the original document that was used to create the statement is written to the output with the status of the insert executed.”

danielz by New Contributor
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Difference between HTTP Client and Rest Api(get,post....) snaps

Hi All, I am exploring the HTTP Client snap, I wanted to know what is difference between HTTP Client and Rest API methods (get,post…) snaps. Can any one please help to know about the below highlighted Entity Type in the snip. and also can we get th...

Pretty by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Pagination with HTTP Client

Hi, I’m not able to access the original document during pagination with the HTTP Client. This worked with the REST Client, but looks like it’s not possible any more. This is a needed feature when the API being called does not respond back with limit/...

Henchway by Contributor
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My sql execute snap

Am facing this error when am trying to update column data in SQL dynamically please can anyone give me a solution how to update with correct syntax using with expressions or without

rjapala by New Contributor III
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