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SAP Logical System Setup for outbound IDOC

New Contributor III

I need to know how to setup the partner profile in WE20 for outbound IDOCs in order to use the IDOC listener. I have everything else working connectivity wise. I just need the the partner profile setup. Anybody done this?


Former Employee

Hi @walkermic,
I assume that you have already setup the Logical System through BD54.

In WE20, you might want to create partner profile on the top of the logical system you created above. and also specify the partner type to ‘LS’ (stands for Logical system).

Then, you need to specify the IDoc types you are going to send through the partner in the ‘Outbound Params’ . For each of them, you need to specify the IDoc types, as well as the IDoc port you are going to send to. The IDoc port should be defined in WE21 and should be configured to connect to the RFC destination in SM59 (where the program ID is provided) .

Following is a screenshot of my partner profile. (Note I have Logical System and IDoc Port both named ‘SNAP1’):
Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 5.23.15 PM (2)

I’ve configured the partner profile so that it can send CREAMAS, HRMD_Am and MATMAS IDocs, and all of them would be sent to SNAP1 port.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more doubts or queries.


New Contributor

I'm new to Snap and trying to setup IDoc listener as well. May I know specific steps you did to get the RFC connections setup in SAP and how to test connectivity from Snap?