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Teradata Snap Pack on a Windows Node?

New Contributor III

Hello everyone,

We are attempting to use the Teradata TPT snap from the Teradata snap pack and are running into a road block in giving the snap the location of tbuild.exe in the “TBUILD location” field. I can’t get it to find the file no matter what combination of slashes and folder paths I can think of.


Has anybody else gotten this to work? The documentation doesn’t specify the format and support just says they haven’t thoroughly tested it on windows yet.

Thanks in advance,



Well, it HAS been a while since I have used TPT, and I have never used it on snaplogic, but I can make two observations that might help you out…

  1. You almost certainly require a windows based snaplex with tbuild on IT. The location of tbuild would have to be there.
  2. On various systems, like UNIX, C related, and some others, \ is used as an escape character. If you want it to work on one level as '', you have to use \. Windows, of course, is not unix, and generally uses \ as a path separator, but some languages may still cause problems, requiring you to use \ To make things worse, if a process passes the string onto ANOTHER process, the conversion must be done THERE also sometimes, so \ must be \\ sometimes.