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Directory Browser

Hi AllI have a requirement to browse the directory and filter the files by expression like belowI want to select the text files which is having the below naming file filter field i have given the expression as below but it is giving the...

sjakathi by New Contributor II
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PostgreSQL - Execute Snap

Does the PostgreSQL - Execute Snap not support using CTE’s as part of the query? When I try to include 1 or more CTE’s. all I get out of the snap is a status and message field returned, not the actual data.

chmurray88 by New Contributor II
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Snaps Explained: New video series

Have you seen our new video series, Snaps Explained? Available on YouTube, each video in this series breaks down how Snaps can help you connect your entire ecosystem, automate workflows, and deliver the insights your business needs - all without writ...

dmiller by Admin
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Azure AD create entry snap failed unexpectedly

Hello, I’m trying to create a user in Azure Ad via the Create entry snap but I keep receiving the following error “Failure: class java.lang.Boolean cannot be cast to class java.lang.String (java.lang.Boolean and java.lang.String are in module

acatlan by New Contributor II
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Resumable & Error Pipeline

Whether Below Answers are Correct We can resume a pipeline in suspended state using the Activity API - True A pipeline can be in suspended state for a maximum of one week - False A pipeline can utilize an error pipeline or the resumable pipeline feat...

Resolved! Utilizing REST Get to Access Workable API

Hello, I would like to seek assistance regarding an issue I’m facing with a REST Get snap in my integration workflow. I am using the snap to retrieve candidate data from the Workable API. Here is a screenshot of the JSON response: In the SnapLogic d...

acatlan by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Merge files with varying column numbers

Continuing the discussion from Csv file with varying number of columns in each row: Here is what the file looked like when i started: EEID|55555|xxxxxxxxx|MICHAEL|C|xxxxx|M|06/21/xxxx OFFR|55555|01/01/2023-55|OE|01/01/2023|01/01/2023|01/01/2023|12/31...