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SAP Logical System Setup for outbound IDOC

I need to know how to setup the partner profile in WE20 for outbound IDOCs in order to use the IDOC listener. I have everything else working connectivity wise. I just need the the partner profile setup. Anybody done this?

walkermic by New Contributor III
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CSV format issue

Hi, I am facing an issue while data is writing to CSV file with help of CSV formatter snap. The problem here is, the input data contains string values and each value is separated by comma(') but it is converting as backslash () while writing to CSV f...

Worksheet Reader - Read sheet

I am trying to use a Worksheet Reader Snap, and if a Google Sheet exists with the Worksheet Name as specified in the Settings, along with Header and data there is no issue to read the data.But if the Worksheet Name does not exist, or Worksheet Name e...

karanbird by New Contributor
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Postgresql Execute doesn't show the result (SELECT query)

Hello, I'm trying to do a complexe PostgreSQL SELECT so i'm trying to use the Execute snap. (here is the snap settings : ) We can see in the pipeline execution statistics that he found the result i need (when i do this query in pgadmin i have the sam...

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PostgreSQL - Execute Snap

Does the PostgreSQL - Execute Snap not support using CTE’s as part of the query? When I try to include 1 or more CTE’s. all I get out of the snap is a status and message field returned, not the actual data.

chmurray88 by New Contributor II
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Handling missing object properties with Mapper

Hello,I've been struggling with this for few hours now and I simply can't get it to work as I want to. Therefore I'm asking for help. So I have the following input incoming to Mapper:{"id": 1,"labels": {    "fi_FI": "label_1"}},{"id":2,"labels": {   ...

Tuomas by New Contributor II
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DynamoDB Update Snap doesn't appear to do anything

Hello, I've got a working DynamoDB creation snap working, but when I try to use the update snap, it doesn't seem to do anything. The snap itself turns green like it's happy, but nothing happens on the DB end. I've also replaced the table name with a ...

Frijoles by New Contributor II
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