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Trigger an email periodically to update the progress of records proecssing

New Contributor II

Hello Community,
is it possible to trigger an email as we progress processing records.
My pipeline has the logic to update large records on the downstream system based on the inputs.
During the execution of the pipeline, I want business to know the progress of the records processing through an email or some other way.

Thanks in Advance.



Valued Contributor

Hi @kandulah,

Sure you can. You’ll need to setup an account, and properly configure an Email Sender snap depending on your logic there.

Be careful, because if you configure the Email Snap to be after the loading of the records, and if you’re updating the records one by one, or in chunks, you will send out an email on every record/chunk.

If you want to send out an email on a pipeline execution, no matter how many records or chunks you process, just place a disconnected Email snap outside the pipeline flow. That will asynchronously send the message.

Email Sender Snap

You could also put a router in the middle similar to the one below (with the first input view being called “standard” and second being “email”). This would make it to where you are only e-mailing every 10,000 documents through the pipeline. Those would still go through the standard path because we have the First match checkbox unchecked.

Awesome.Thank you @ddellsperger

Thank you @bojanvelevski