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Soap Execute snap is failing

After upgrading to 4.24, we have noticed that SOAP execute snap is failing with the below error : No Buffer space available I changed the SOAP snaplex version to 423patches7441 ; with this its working without any issues. Any idea what could be the is...

CRM SnapPack In vs EQ

Hi Everyone, I’m building up a CRM Search, but I need to use IN as opposed to EQ. It doesnt matter how I enter the values when using IN, I get an error saying the IN condition doesnt contain any values. I’ve tried strings and Ints, I’ve also tried us...

Redshift Account vs Redshift SSL Account?

What is the difference between the Redshift Account and the Redshift SSL Account? And when would you use the Redshift SSL Account? The SnapLogic documentation doesn’t provide an explanation. The only difference that I could see was that the Redshift ...

REST Snap Pack Reference Page

This topic contains links to sources of information on the REST Snap Pack. Dates are provided on static resources as some information may have changed since it was originally posted. Documentation REST Snap Pack Documentation Videos REST API Demo (O...

dmiller by Admin
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Can see Tables not Views of DB

I am able to see my all Database tables from Snowflake in the snaps. But I have a database View that I use in Snowflake. Is there any way to see the Views so I can use a Snowflake snap and a select query that fetches data from the View. The snaps can...

Karthika by New Contributor II
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