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I am following this link
to create an Alert. But I cannot find the Alerts/Activity Log Notifications and proceed further. However I see Activity Log and Alert as a separate menu. Is there any way to find out whether I have all the associated roles/permission. Could it be because of the Org Admin privileges. I cannot confirm that either.

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Alerts/Activity Log Notifications is on the Settings page of Manager. If you do not see Settings in the left panel, you are not in the Org Admin group.

If you are not an Org Admin, you cannot create alerts as stated on

As of right now (4.18), an org admin view of Manager has the following left panel:
while a non-admin sees the following:

So, I am the org admin but following the document I cannot navigate to the Settings to the following

  1. SnapLogic Manager, scroll down to Alerts/Activity Log Notifications and click Settings :
    I believe the documentation needs to be changed to reflect the correct navigation.

I will submit a ticket.
It can be confusing when you have a Settings button on a Settings page.

Can you please share the ticket information for us to track.

Your account manager can provide that to you. Because our ticket tracking system is internal, we do not share that information in a public setting like the Community.