Asynchronous REST POST Functional Response

Hello all,
New user here. Could someone please provide an example of how to model handling of an asynchronous callback to a REST Post call? Do I define this within the pipeline from which the Post call is made or do I need to set up a dedicated response handler pipeline? Would this be done via triggered task or do I need to create an API? Any guidance/examples would be much appreciated!



Per my opinion, having a separate pipeline that will be dedicated only for handling and processing the async responses is better and simpler approach. Inside the pipeline you will need to apply a logic for handling/receiving and processing the incoming messages(async responses). That pipeline can be exposed as an REST API, by creating the triggered task for that pipeline. You don’t need to create any additional/external API’s. Once you create triggered task, the pipeline will have REST endpoint and basic or token authentication, and can be invoked from the external systems.

Triggered Tasks:

Spiro Taleski