Building request body for Rest Post

Hi Team,

How can be build request body for Rest Post with dynamic values coming from any source system.


Will the REST POST body follow a specific structure each time, just with dynamic values, or will the structure change as well? Have you taken a look at the REST POST documentation page yet, where there are multiple examples listed? There are sample pipelines you can download and import into your org. I believe the MySQL to REST POST example may be the closest one to the scenario you’re describing.

Hi Team,

We will have only dynamic values. We have gone through all the examples in the Rest Post Documentation but those are with static values.


Put the dynamic data you want to post in its own section of the current document, like $postdata. Then put that $postdata in the HTTP Entity field of the REST Post snap.


The examples in the documentation are posting the data from the input document. That can be dynamically generated. So can you clarify what you mean here?