Compare data between 2 different systems before an update

Hi Team,

My pipeline has a source system as Snowflake and target system as Salesforce
There are 2 fields that needs to be updated in Salesforce but these should be updated ONLY if the data has changed in snowflake.

I was going ahead with the field in snowflake table “Last_Updated_Date” for an update to actually happen however to optimize this and not hit Salesforce with multiple records considering they don’t have an actual update on those 2 fields, I want to compare the data and pass ONLY those records which has an update to those 2 fields. I tried with “Diff” snap but is there any better option than “Diff” snap?

Thanking you in advance for your time, inputs and suggestions.


Native string functionalities like .localeCompare and .match does the trick.
Closing this thread for now.