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Upload files to ADLS Gen2 Using Rest API

Our Requirement is to write csv files to ADLS Gen2 Blob Storage We do not have Hadoop snap pack licences to use HDFS Writer We are checking other options to write files to Azure ADLS Gen2 Are there any sample snap using REST Put which upload files to...

GV2019 by New Contributor II
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File Writer FTP write-only access error?

We have a use case where we need to send a file to an FTP site that restricts users from reading from, or navigating directories. We’re only allowed access to put files on the server at the directory specified. When I attempt to deposit a file genera...

whaleyl by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Ingesting SalesForce Data

Hi I’m attempting to connect to a SalesForce instance using a SOQL snap, read all the table names, then use a pipeline execution snap to trigger a child pipeline that dynamically looks up all the field names for each table name it is fed, then pulls ...

Snaplogic iterate over array

Hi , i have json like payload{ input:[ {url: "’,} {url: "’,}, {url: "’,} ] } i need to iterate over payload.input[0].url ,payload.input[1].url and send url to restPOST api. can you please suggest anyoption to get individua...