Count of files in a directory


I want to find out the count of files in a directory, could you please suggest how to achieve it?

Hi Amit,

 You can use the directory browser to fetch all the files and sub directories and filter only files using Type, then use the aggregate snap to get the count.

@nsingam, Thank you, could you provide a example please.

Hi @amit.saroha

I think nsinggam means this.

  • the first snap is a directory browser where you just put down the path of your directory (full path of your org (name in top right corner) with the project space en project name next to it so like.
  • Next in the filter snapp you filter on type: $Type == “File”
  • in the aggregate snap you choose count then define the fields to count for example the names or other unique field and then choose the result field names: e.g $totalFiles

But I don’t know why there is a yellow triangle, anyone knows why ?