Create a scheduled task in a different project space

We have a requirement to create many different scheduled tasks for different clients, but they will all be executing the same pipeline.
For clarity we’d like to keep tasks for each client in their own project space, but the task scheduler UI requires that the pipeline is in the same project space.
I’ve tried updating the task with the meta snaps, which seems to work but opening the task in the UI says “pipeline has been deleted”
Is it possible to create a scheduled task which runs, for example, “…/pipeline_name” or “/shared/pipeline_name” or “ORG/project/pipeline” ?

At the moment Tasks can only reference pipeline’s in the same project. There could be certain features that won’t work if you use the metadata snaps to modify the task reference.

You might be able to work around the limitation by using a Pipeline Execute snap, which can trigger a pipeline by name within the same project, the project space’s shared project, or the org’s shared project.