Embedding SnapLogic in a SaaS product

We are a SaaS product company. We use SnapLogic as the iPaaS integration platform in our product. We have built pipelines to onboard data from our customer’s source systems (erp, google drive, sftp etc.) and bring it into products data lake.

Currently, our customer success/support team ends up configuring connections to customer’s source systems in SnapLogic platform.

IMO, the ideal experience for our customers is to have a self service ability to define the connection to their source systems from within our product UI.

Has anyone been able to do that? I would really appreciate any ideas or thoughts on how to make this happen.

Thanks in advance…


You may want to look into our OEM program.

Webinar: Kick Integration Backlogs to the Curb with SnapLogic OEM | SnapLogic

Hi Diane,

We already are an OEM partner of SnapLogic. I will go through the video and circle back.


Hi @dmiller , I went through the video but could not find any useful information w.r.t. how to provide an ‘embedded’ user experience when using SnapLogic as part of our SaaS product.

I’m checking with the OEM team to see if there is any additional information.

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Hi @dmiller , please let me know if you have heard back from your OEM team.

Unfortunately, I do not any further information.

It seems from your description that you want to allow your customers to create the snaplogic account by themselves, without your support team getting involved.

The snaplogic metadata snap pack allows you to create a pipeline to read and write snaplogic assets, including accounts.

One approach is:

  • develop a web form in your system to allow your users to enter their credentials
  • develop a pipeline that uses the snaplogic create snap to write a new account
  • expose that pipeline as a REST endpoint using a triggered task
  • invoke the triggered task REST endpoint from your web form
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