Error Handler for Validation

Submitted by @stodoroska from Interworks

This pattern should be called as an error pipeline and stores all the error records in to a csv file.



Parent pipeline should be made that will invoke this as a error pipeline. Target location is pipeline parameter. No need for changes in the code.

Sources: Pipeline that will call this pipeline and will send JSON-formatted data
Targets: CSV file on the file sharing system
Snaps used: Mapper, CSV Formatter, File Writer


Error Handler for Validation.slp (7.2 KB)


Let’s say we have a file writer snap that attempts to write multiple files to a destination that is not accessible (like a sFTP server or SMB share). This simple pipeline writes all errors for all files in one json file. It is not appending as this is SLDB.
If you add an e-mail sending snap it will send 1 e-mail per file, which is strange. Why is there a different behaviour?



When we write some data to a file we usually use some kind of a formatter (in the example above csv formatter ). All formatters are accumulating the input data, format the data and send to output.
On the other hand the email snap it is not accumulating the data, it will send new email for every input document.
If you want the email snap to accumulate all of the input data I suggest using Group by N snap and set the Group Size parameter to 0.

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Have you seen this thread: How to Configure an Email Sender Snap to Avoid Individual Emails per Record

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