Execute shell script in Snaplogic

How can I execute existing shell script in Snaplogic ?

I hope you mean to connect to a Unix server and execute there. You can use
the Unix Execute snap.

If you are talking about connecting to SnapLogic backend, that is not

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Thank you for your response.

I do not see any Unix Execute snap in my Org. Is this something we have to purchase? I just want to execute Unix script located at Snaplogic Groundplex box.

It looks like this is a Snap created by our Field team, not by our Development team. I would check with your account manager about its availability.

please reach out to your snaplogic rep (account manager or contact) and ask for field snap “Unix Execute”, I thought to share it via gdrive but it’s not the best way to share as I have to approve individual requests.

As this is a custom snap enhancements and maintainence is out of SnapLogic support scope, use it the way it is :wink:

Add it to your org (you need to be an admin to do this)

1 - log into elastic.snaplogic.com and bring up manager dashboard
2 - select “shared” under Project Spaces (this will make this snap available for all of the users)
3 - click “Snap Packs” tab
4 - top right corner click ‘+’ button to add a snap pack
5 - choose .zip that you have been provided and upload it to your desired org
7 - refresh designer tab or just logout/login.
8 - snap would show up as shown below

Can you give an example for shell script execution?