File exists or not

I am designing a pipeline where I need to put a condition.
If (File exists)
then run snap 1
run snap 2

I want to achieve this with snaplogic pipeline. please help

Hello @munich

1 way of achieving that scenario is by using Snaplogic List snap and downstream Router snap.
Snaplogic List snap will be configured to list just file assets, and then check if your desired file exists( in the Router snap).

Best Regards
Dimche Saveski

If the problem is doing something else when no data to trigger your downstream snaps (router, etc.) you could look at patterns in some of the “when no data” threads like below:

Basically create some fake data, join it with your actual data (or missing data) from your directory browser, then check if you actually had data or not in the downstream router snap (if/else).

@munish - Use directory browser snap and dis-select "ignore empty result " , then use mapper and check hasOwnProperty() to check “Name” is available or not. If not then snap2 else snap1